Kits and Accessories

No store or warehouse is complete without a comprehensive range of high quality seal kits and accessories.

We have o’ring kits based on size standards, cross sections and rubber compounds. We also stock bonded washer kits, quad-ring kits and back-up rings kits

O’ring & Seal Kits

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Accessorise with these great accompaniments for your workshop and tool box. Our range of accessories are constantly expanding so be sure to check in again with us in the future.

O’ring Gauge

For quick and easy identification of BS1806/AS568A imperial o’rings.

O’ring Pick Set

To facilitate the easy removal of o’rings and seals. Can also be used to retrieve small, hard to reach items. Knurled handle for sure grip.

Splice Kits

Make your own o’ring with our o’ring splicing kits. Available in either metric or imperial, each kit comes with a cutting block, knife, marker, adhesive and lengths of o’ring cord in various cross sections.

Imperial Splicing Kit

Compounds: NBR70, Viton. Total: 5 M + 4 pieces.
1/6″ (1.78mm) O’ring Cord1 M
3/32″ (2.62mm) O’ring Cord1 M
1/8″ (3.53mm) O’ring Cord1 M
3/16″ (5.33mm) O’ring Cord1 M
1/4″ (6.99mm) O’ring Cord1 M
Marker1 PC
Cutting Swage1 PC
Knife1 PC
Adhesive1 PC

Metric Splicing Kit

Compounds: NBR70, Viton. Total: 7 M + 4 pieces.
1.6mm O’ring Cord1 M
2.0mm O’ring Cord1 M
2.5mm O’ring Cord1 M
3.0mm O’ring Cord1 M
3.5mm O’ring Cord1 M
5.7mm O’ring Cord1 M
8.4mm O’ring Cord1 M
Marker1 PC
Cutting Swage1 PC
Knife1 PC
Adhesive1 PC

Custom made kits

Sealing Australia can build you a custom seal kit with seal types, sizes and compounds specified by you for you and your customer’s individual requirements. Contact us for more information.